Learn best practices for maintaining your area rugs. 

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Daily Area Rug Care

Area rugs are easy to maintain, but some basic care and maintenance are required to ensure that your area rug looks great for years to come. 

Vacuuming is key to guaranteeing your rug remains attractive and functional for many years. By investing in a high-quality vacuum cleaner and putting it to use on a regular basis, you can help ensure that dirt and other debris do not damage your rug. Dirt can damage carpet fibers and give your rugs a lackluster look. How often you need to vacuum will depend on the traffic the rug receives. 

Other recommendations are removing shoes before walking on your rug, placing mats at the entrances of your home, and addressing spills as they occur. 

Dealing With Spills And Stains

For liquid messes, the key to ensuring damage does not occur is to act fast. The longer you wait to address spills, the more likely they are to be absorbed by the fibers of the rug. When this happens, absorb the liquid using a dry cloth before using a second cloth and blotting the spill with cold water.

For solid messes, vacuum them up in a timely manner.

When in doubt, consult your manufacturer on tough-to-handle area rug spills. 

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Area Rug Pads

Area rug pads add cushioning beneath your area rug while also enabling it to better stay in place. Area rug pads are an essential accessory for your area rug. Learn more about area rug pads and their benefits today. 

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