VINYL INSTALLATION In South Williamsport, PA

Learn more about what to expect before, during, and after your vinyl installation with Echo Flooring Gallery. 

Vinyl Installation | Echo Flooring Gallery

Before Vinyl Installation

Vinyl installation requires know-how and experience. That's why it's best to leave the vinyl installation to the pros.

  • You will complete a walkthrough with our crew before the installation takes place. This is a good time to discuss goals, overall timeline, and subflooring considerations and for you to ask any questions that you might have.
  • Complete any painting work before your new flooring is installed.
  • Make sure pets and small children are not present on installation day.
  • Ensure that someone 18 or older is able to be home during the vinyl installation.
  • Once all this is completed, we will begin your vinyl installation.

During & After Vinyl Installation

  • We will prepare the subflooring and/or remove your existing flooring and prepare the subflooring as necessary.
  • For vinyl flooring, there is a floating, click-and-lock installation method that is done without adhesives and can sometimes be done over your existing flooring, and a glue-down installation method. Depending on which one you go with, installation time may vary.
  • Your crew will then lay the tile/planks. 
  • When finished, we will clean up the job site and complete a walkthrough. 
  • We recommend running a fan for 24 hours to remove any smells. 
  • You should also allow the materials to settle for a day or so. 
Vinyl installation | Echo Flooring Gallery
Vinyl cleaning | Echo Flooring Gallery

Vinyl Care & Maintenance

Basic care and maintenance are required to ensure that your vinyl continues to look great and age well over time. Learn more about establishing a routine for cleaning and how to address nasty spills and stains in our care guide today.

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