Learn best practices for maintaining your tile floors. 

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Daily Tile Care

Tile floors are a low-maintenance flooring option for homeowners. Daily sweeping will ensure that your floors consistently look great by removing dirt, dust, and other debris. This debris can harm your tile and your grouting if left alone for an extended period. How often you sweep will depend on how much foot-traffic your tile receives. Wet mopping is also recommended as needed. 

It is also recommended to ensure that guests remove their shoes before walking across your tile floors. Entry mats and furniture protectors can have a positive effect too.

Dealing With Tile Spills & Stains

Tile spills are not a major issue, so long as you act fast. When and if you spill something on your tile, clean it immediately to avoid damage. Tile is not necessarily vulnerable to stains, but grouting and subflooring could be vulnerable to liquid damage. You may also wet mop when spills happen. For solid messes, use your broom. 

Tile installation | Echo Flooring Gallery
Tile installation | Echo Flooring Gallery

Tile Installation

Echo Flooring Gallery is proud to offer tile installation services to South Williamsport, PA, and surrounding areas. Learn what to expect before, during, and after your tile installation.

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